Miami Exotic Racing is AWESOME

This past Sunday I was able to go all the way up to the Palm Beach International Raceway to cash in my 10th anniversary gift that my wife got me.  My wife decided to get me an exotic auto race experience that let me take out 4 different cars for 3 laps.  In addition to getting me the 4 cars for 3 laps, I was able to do a hot lap (basically an instructor whips me around the track in a Ford Mustang GT).

I was able to drive a Lamborghini, Audi R8, Ferrari F430, and a Ferrari GT.  If I was going to pick a favorite it would have to be the Ferrari F430.  The car was really smooth and fast compared to the other cars I was allowed to drive.  The others were kind of jerky and they were even automatics.  All of them had a crazy amount of power and one of the best parts was that they video taped me driving the car and had some stats on how fast I was going.  The one video I wanted was unfortunately corrupted so I wasn’t able to see that video.  It was of the Ferrari GT too and I’m pretty sure I got the car over 155MPH going down the straight away to the pit stop.

The hot lap was pretty awesome because the instructor that was driving basically took a brand new Mustang GT fast back and whipped it around the track.  He even added a little flair by drifting it around one of the corners and skidding to a stop at the end.  The most impressive part was that he was able to pass someone driving the Audi R8 in the Mustang without breaking a sweat.  This is defnitely something I would recommend at least once in your life.  Where else can you drive $1M worth of automobile around a track and not have to worry about killing the engine or worrying about wearing out the gear box.  All in all a totally awesome experience.



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