WatchOS 2 looks cool but….

Like a lot of people I watched most of the Apple World Wide Developer Conference on live stream and I was pleased to see that they are Already kmoving forward with WatchOS 2 and that’s after only having the Apple Watch out for a relatively short time.  Since I’m a non-developer the only cool things I saw that interested me a lot was that there would be native apps for the Watch, more functions could be performed on the Watch rather than the phone, and the ability to use my pictures as a watch face (that one is going to get liberal use and probably be the cause of a lot of power drain once it comes out).

The feature that I would still love would be the ability to pair 2 iPhones to the Watch or at least some selective apps for the second iPhone.  The only apps that I would care bout pushing info to the Watch would be my calendar new email information.  In this fun digital age it’s necessary to carry two devices since you don’t want your job looking into everything a that you’re doing on your phone if you choose to connect to corporate email and what not.  It’s also a “disconnect from work” thing that I’ve started to appreciate more.  My last vacation was awesome since I left the work phone at home as well as any technology related to my job.  I definitely would have been tempted to check it if it was handy or close by but since it wasn’t around I didn’t have the urge.

I won’t see an update to the software for my Apple Watch until the fall which seems like a long time from now but in reality isn’t that bad considering I just got the Watch in May.  One other observation I have is that I’m not using the watch all that much on the weekends when I have to do stuff like clean up my messes or do work on the cars or motorcycle for fear of scratching it or breaking it so I’m missing days of movement data. Not really a big deal overall but just an observation I had in how I use my Watch.  Maybe in WatchOS 3 they’ll let us pair multiple iPhones, that would be killer!


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