DSP Mode in my Honda made the radio not suck!

I’ve owned my Accord for nearly a year and the only gripe I’ve ever had is that the stereo kind of sucked.  It didn’t have that “boom” factor that I love when listening to music alone in my car.  And this car even came with a subwoofer and still nothing!  Another problem I have is that I sometimes the controls for the radio will freeze and I can’t change the channel or the volume messes up and goes out of contol but those are known software bugs that Honda is probably never going to fix and restarting the car seems to solve it anyway.

I was running around on the internet actually looking for any post regarding a software upgrade to the 2013 Accord to fix the channel freezing problem when I came across a YouTube post about how to make the stereo system in my car sound better.  The best part of all it required no tools at all or crazy tinkering lie uploading a different software package via the CD player.  I’d link to it but I’m writing this post on a plane and I don’t have Internet.  The tutorial talked about enabling “DSP Mode” from a diagnostic menu that’s buried in the software of the car.  Just turn DSP on and presto, my car had the boom factor I’ve been craving all this time!  The best part is that it’s a permanent fix so I don’t have to monkey in the software every time I start my car.

For those that want a little more boom in their 2013 Honda Accord EX-L V6’s, just do a Google search on 2013 Honda Accord DSP mode and watch the video and follow the instructions.  Now I’m totally pleased with my car.  Well if it was a convertible it would be even better but Honda doesn’t make those anymore sadly.


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