I need a faster computer

I’m trying to be cost coscious by keeping around my 8 year old desktop since I use it for so little these days but I think the reason I use it for so little is because its so slow.  Back when I bought my HP Desktop it was a killer machine, quad core intel processor, 3GB of RAM and almost 2TB of hard drive space for me to play with.  To give a little background on how old it is, it was pre-loaded with Windows XP Media Center Edition.  I’ve never actually used the Media Center part except for a short period of time when I wasn’t living in my townhouse but overall the computer was pretty bad ass.

I’ve since loaded Windows 7 Ultimate Edition on it (because I like all the bells and whistles which adds to bloat but it makes me happy).  This particular year it seems the computer is going slower than normal.  I think its truely showing some signs of its age.    I have a MaBook Pro that I use more than the desktop since its portable and faster for the most part but even that one is showing its age a little bit.  What I think I want is a new computer with SSD instead of a traditional hard drive.  The only problem I have with that is that I like keeping things locally instead of in the cloud so I have control over a lot of my material, namely pictures and videos that we’ve been taking as a family.

There is also an idea to re-do the entire office and if we do that, I don’t think we’ll need a new desktop since it just takes up so much room.  My Bose speaker system is also starting to show some age as well and I’ve thought about replacing it too but I’ve held off since I was considering what to do with the desktop when it finally dies.  Although knowing me, I’ll probably end up fixing the computer again to keep it running while skimping on performance parts that I normally would have bought.

A good example is that I’ve been trying to watch a movie on my desktop but its so painfully slow to actually turn it on, launch windows explorer, and then start up the movie.  I think hats why I just copy movies to my iPad and stream it using an Apple TV, instant gratfication!.  I still need a computer though so I’ll wait until I have more cash to burn and then try and get something like a new MacBook Pro or something.  I need lots of horsepower but I also want a lot of drive space.  I have external drives that can somewhat fit the bill but they have moving parts so its not ideal.  Only time will tell, in the mean time I’m going to continue to suffer using my desktop until it finally dies, and I mean really dies like the processor melts or something.

On a better note, WWDC is in half an hour so I get to glimpse what the future will bring to iOS and OSX.  I’ve also reserved my free upgrade to Windows 10 so 2015 will see massive updates to all my computing devices 🙂


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