Two Weeks with Apple Watch

i’ve had the Apple Watch for approximately three weeks now and I’ve learned how to use it pretty well. I’ve been able to to test it under vacation conditions and work conditions and so far it’s been pretty helpful in both areas.  I don’t regret buying the watch and it has freed me a tad bit from my iPhone but I’m also probably not using it to its full potential since its tethered to my personal phone and not my work phone.

During vacation I found Navigation to be the most helpful app on the Apple Watch.  I was able to use my phone to find out where I needed to go and then transferred the directions to the maps app on the watch.  The directions and taps were spot on in directing me and it was also good that it made me look a lot less like a tourist since I could keep my phone in my pocket.  I tried using some of the other apps like Yelp but it was still easier to use my phone.  Siri has also become more helpful since the release of Apple Watch, this is definitely one of the cornerstones of using the Watch and I use it for texting on the go.

I tried using the Watch for boarding passes but a lot of the readers at the airports aren’t positioned well to make it practical yet.  I still send my boarding passes to passbook but I still use my phone for the most part.  Apple Pay is the other awesome app and I use that whenever possible so I don’t have to fiddle around for my wallet.  I would say the only other two apps that I use continually is Sigfig and Weather.  The movement app is also helpful to make sure I get my butt up off my office chair.

I used to fitness app just once this last week and it was fairly accurate for all intents and purposes.  I won’t lie that I used it only for a long walk.  I’m not into running really and there was no exercise bike.  I’ll try it out a little more this week if I have the time in the morning.  Overall a good purchase, it will be interesting to see what Watch OS updates will breathe new life to this thing over the next couple of years.


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