First Day with the Apple Watch

Yesterday evening I opened the box of my new Apple Watch. I did the basic setup last night and didn’t get to really put the Watch through its paces until today.  I’ll be pretty brief tonight though regarding my personal observations.

  • Force Touch is pretty cool but it’s not obvious to use it when in a particular app
  • Notifications are generally useful depending on the app being used, the most helpful is for Messages
  • The Digital Crown is intuitive to use and helps a lot with using the watch for scrolling through different screens
  • I was surprised that the Reminders app isn’t present on the Watch, I think that would have been one of the more useful apps for the Watch
  • Siri is really useful and I used it for a lot of what I did with the Watch today.  I’ve always been an avid Siri user on the iPhone anyway but I am noticing I’m using Siri more
  • 3rd party apps are hit and miss, I’ve uninstalled apps like TripIt since it offered no value being on the Watch.  Since I travel so much I loaded a ton of travel apps that I plan to test in the next few weeks

Overall I have no real gripes about the Watch except I can’t connect to wifi with the watch but I’ve heard of that problem cropping up a lot with Netgear routers,other than that it’s about what I expected from a first generation device but I suspect that software updates will make it better.  The battery life has been pretty spot on.  It was down to 16% by 9pm but I think I’ve been using it a little more than would be expected since I was tweaking it all day.  The watch faces are pretty nice and I’ve chosen a classic face although I used pretty much all of them throughout the day.  Maybe I’ll write another update after using it for about a month.



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