Miami has a Design Distrct?

I’ve been living in South Florida for almost 10 years now and last weekend was the first time that I’ve ever been to the Miami Design District.  The reason for me to go was not to go shopping but for eating (thats the main reason me and the family go somewhere for the most part).  It’s in a part of Miami that I’ve never been to thats near I-195 and I have to say that I was expeting it to be bigger and maybe a little fancier.  There are so many high end shops where I could blow a years worth of income on a single item it was kind of crazy.  (Places like Tiffany, Bvulgari, Cartier, and TAG are considered the “cheap” brands).

We were there to meet my daughters godmother since she had come to town with her husband for a work trip and my wife found a nice brunch spot in the Design District.  I was a bad Asian and only too one picutre of the food we ate instead of each individual dish.  After brunch we had some time before we had to go to the airport to drop off our friends so we took a stroll around the Design District.  Being a Sunday it wasn’t heavily populated and a lot of the places looked empty and closed.  That was a little decieving since the shops were open but the windows tinted so it was difficult to see inside.  The stores were all places I’ve heard of in NY before that I knew would kill a paycheck in the blink of an eye.  What surprised me was that all the doors were manned by security guards to prevent theft.  A lot of the area looked to be under construction too and there was a new area we strolled off to that has some huge sculptures.

I would say that it was nice just to see the Design District but without a real purpose of spending money there, I probably wouldn’t go back.  The prices for things there are just too intimidating and who would wear half that stuff in public anyway?  I’d be scared to wear a $20K piece of fabric or jewelry outside of the four walls of my home let alone walk the streets of South Florida with it on.  At least I can take it off the list of places to see in South Florida.

 I decided to post the one food item from Michaels Food and Drink that I took.  This is Duck Hash, simiar to Conred Beef Hash but made with duck.  I’d totaly recommend going to Michael’s Food and Drink  for brunch.  Reservations can be made on OpenTable but you don’t get points for it.


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