Trying on the Apple Watch



This past Friday morning I went ahead and pre-ordered the Apple Watch along with my wife.  In addition to purchasing the watch, I also made an appointment for Saturday at the Aventura Apple Store to actually try on a watch.  Normally I wouldn’t buy something so expensive without looking at it first but since I can always sell it on eBay or something.  There have been numerous posts online by journalists about what the try on experience was like, I’m sort of going to do the same but since I’m the average person, my post will be a lot shorter.

First off, the Apple Store employee that I first met regarding my try on appointment was genuinely impressed that I managed to make the appointment on my Apple Store app.  I’ll admit that it was’t easy to figure out sine it wasn’t apparent so I guess most people were just doing walk ins.  I was also surprised that there wasn’t a long line to try on the watch.  There were plenty of stations that were empty so actually getting to the table to try on the watch wasn’t such a big hassle as I thought it might be the day after the pre-orders were allowed.

My wife and I actually each had an appointment but we were able to do our watch fittings at the same time.  Tis was pretty convenient and the person helping us was very nice about letting us try on watches.  We had to go one at a time though since I think they were trying to control theft and the overall experience.  I was surprised how small the 38mm watch was compared to what I saw online.  I did only try ons with the 42mm watch and my wife did hers with the 38mm watch.  The band that I picked for my watch which was the black sport band was pretty nice.  I’ll probably have to use the smaller band for it to fit my wrist snugly but overall quite awesome.  I did also like the link bracelet but its over $600 and I’m not sure I want to spend that much on a band.  What surprised me was that my wife like the Milanese loop band but she pointed out that she would never really use it except for the sport band.

After our fitting (we didn’t even stay for the 15 minutes for 1 appointment since I’ve read all the info I could regarding the Wacth online).  There was a place where we could play with the watch interface so we went to that table and I started to try some of the fuctions out.  Since it wasn’t paired to my watch there was only a few things that I could do but it was still pretty cool to be able to swipe on the watch and use the digital crown.  The interface will take some getting used to since I can tap, press, use the crown, or the side button.  The goal is to not have to always look at my phone and also so I don’t miss any alerts.  I miss a ton of alerts because my phone is in my pocket.  I am definiely going to choose the Mickey Mouse face, I’m hoping that they add more faces or have them for purchase because I will definitely pay for a Donald Duck watch face.

All I can do now is wait patiently for mid May when my watch is scheduled to arrive. Hopefully it will get here before my wedding anniversary but if not, no big deal.  Still it was exciting just to try thing thing out in person. 🙂


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