Getting back on the skateboard


It’s been a really long time since I’ve been on a skateboard but it’s just like riding a bike, yu never really forget.  I think it was our 4th anniversary that me and the Mrs. gave each other skateboards since the anniversary gift was supposed to be made of wood.  The World Industries board on the right was the one my wife gave me and it’s super smooth.  The one on the left is the one I built for my wife since I still remembered how to put one together and what parts to buy.

Recently they finished resurfacing the entire community so the roads are all new and smooth so it seemed like a perfect opportunity to ride my board.  My daughter also likes riding her trike behind the townhouse and it was way easier to catch up to her on my skateboard than running back and forth.  Since its been a while some machine oil was needed for the bearings for both skateboards but both run so smooth now I encourage my daughter to go ride her trike so I can skateboard.

The really cool part was that my wife learned how to skateboard.  I was hesitant at first when we first got the boards because there wasn’t a good surface for her to try and learn.  Pebbles are a skaters enemy and causes a lot of spills.  My wife did awesome her first day on her board.  I made some adjustments to her trucks to make them a bit more stiff so it wouldn’t wobble so much.  She was able to get on her board and start heading down the street in mere minutes which was awesome.  I picked really good parts for her board since it’s faster than mine and it rolls a lot further on a single push.

I remember it was my 2 cousins from Malaysia that actually got me into skateboarding way back in the late 80’s.   Our boards back then were super cheap and made of plastic.  They were also really thin so if I tried to ride it now I’d probably bust my ass falling off of it.  I also spent a lot of time skating around with my friend Brian who lived next door to me.  We would tear up our boards and see how fast we could go down a hill (sitting down of course) that was near our houses.  I’m pretty sure that my original board is at my moms house in the garage.  I know she uses the skateboard I left there to take out the recycling bin since that’s what I used it for as well.

Overall it’s nice to have an excuse to get back on a skateboard.  When she’s a little older I’ll teach my daughter how to ride one.  Although the lack of hills won’t give her the same childhood experience I had with a skateboard she’ll probably go to skate parks and show up her old man in no time.


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