Wow 10 Years of Blogging

I just realized that I have been keeping this blog active for the last 10 years.   I’m pretty sure I don’t have a lot of readers because I don’t really blog about anything substational except my travels, games, and technology but I think its significant that I’ve kept it up this long.  I’ve definitely reduced the amount of posts over the years going from about 100 posts a year to somthing closer to 20 or something.  I should probably refresh the design or something since its been this way for at least 5 years but I’m a bit lazy to do so and my coding skills are really rusty.

I started my blog in January of 2005 when I was living in Tampa FL and I was using Blogger, before it was acquired by Google I think.  Back then my blog posts were relatively short so I used it more like Twitter before Twitter was even a thing on the internet.  I slowly progressed the blog and added widget and other things since I was trying out my coding skills when I was trying to learn Flash ActionScript 1.0.  Wow that makes me seem old since no one uses Flash anymore.

I forget when I did it but I eventually moved my blog to its current platform on WordPress.  My blogging has changed as technology has changed.  I’ve been more travel and technology gear focused since I started consulting.  I’d have to go back and read what my other posts were a few years ago to see what was in my head.  It’s almost like an online journal of my life over the last 10 years but of course I don’t blog about everything that happens since this is open to the public.  One thing that has defnitely changed is what I write my posts on.  I started like everyone else and used my regular old web browser.  I’ve since progressed to using an app on my iPad to do most of my posts these days and I’m even using my new bluetooth keyboard to type up this post.

I won’t be changing platforms for my blog although I have considered moving to Tumblr once or twice but the effort of exporting and re-importing all my posts seems to be too time consuming.  Maybe in the next 10 years I’ll make a few more improvements to my blog and maybe change some of the formatting .  I have linked my Twitter feed to this thing but I haven’t found a way to link up Facebook yet.  I’m sure I’ll find something else to blog about in the next few days but for now I’ll look forwar to the next 10 years of blogging.


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