Florida is awesome in winter!

I have to say that this particular winter has been brutal. I’ve been traveling to Illinois for over a year and this has to be the coldest winter I have experienced since working in Minneapolis. Not to mention last week I was just in CT and it was colder there which is pretty amazing. I’ve never ever been so cold when I was home and thats really saying something.

I guess after 10 years in Florida its finally rubbed off on me that I like staying in warm weather and ay dreams I used to have of moving back to CT are long gone. I also realized that it takes forever to get anywhere in CT lately. I used to love the winding roads (still do actually) but I’m used to driving a bit faster these days since all the roads are straight and the posted speed limit is 70 on the highway. I spent a lot of time in my car just trying to get to a place that was only 10 miles away.

CT is also starting to look a little old and run down here and there. It sort of lost its luster since I’ve been away but the highlight has always been the food, I’ll always go there and make sure that I can get myself some Garden Catering (or Chicken Joe’s) while up that way and my ham and cheese croissants from Stew Leonards.

As a contrast, here are two pictures that I took this morning from my plane. The first picture is Chicago and the second one is Miami. Where do you think I would like to live?




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