Logitech Keys to Go is Awesome!

Yesterday I received a new Logitech Keys to Go courtesy of my wife for Christmas. It was one of the items that was on my Christmas list for this year since I wanted a faster way to type on my iPad than by using the software keyboard like I always used to do. This is more to make my iPad more like a laptop than it is for work or anything else I think although I can see myself using this for taking notes at work though.

I’ve only had the keyboard for a really short time but already my typing has improved in speed to almost as fast as typing on my laptop or desktop. Now the thing that was really cool is that I just paired the keyboard with my iPhone 6 and I’m continuing to write this blog post on my iPhone while my daughter watches Netflix on my iPad while she eats some breakfast. I haven’t gotten used to any of the short cut keys just yet so I still reach for the screen pretty often while i’m trying to correct some of my spelling mistakes. One of the things I did notice is that the auto correct doesn’t work anymore while I type. That can be a good thing and a bad thing. ON the one hand, it won’t type crazy things but on the other I have to correct my own spelling on my own.

I can see this keyboard being really useful to me as I travel. I like the fact that its pretty much sealed from crumbs and other nasty things that might get in between keys on a keyboard and apparently its also spill proof but I don’t want to test out that feature since I just got it. They keyboard is really thin and it has a single switch to turn it on and a micro USB port to charge it. Keyboards don’t get any simpler than that. It doesn’t have a stand to prop up my iPad Mini but I already have a smart case and a smart cover that can make it stand on its own. This differs from the other Logitech keyboard I was considering which doubled as a case. I considered it but there were more instances where I would use my iPad for watching something rather than for typing something which is why I chose the Keys to Go keyboard instead.

Overall I’m very pleased with they keyboard that I received from my wife, I was able to write up this blog post fairly quickly compared to using the soft keyboard on my iPhone or even on my iPad. Depending on how much I use this keyboard, I might be able to reach my blogging goal again in 2015 since I fell very far from the goal this year due to work and other things that took up my time. Time to enjoy the rest of my vacation, can’t wait for Disney in a few days!



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