A little behind on my blogging goal

I know I’ve been neglecting my blog for a while but man am I really far from my 100 post a year goal. I guess that’s due to being busy with the family and during the week. I guess I can write a nice bullet list that captures the important stuff.

– Went to Alaska with the family to see the wonder and splendor of winter during summer
– Sold my 2002 Altima since it was about to die
– Bought a 2013 Honda Accord to replace my Altima
– Bought a Concert Ukulele so I could learn how to play it and in turn teach my daughter how to play hers that was given to her by my father
– Had my father in law build a nice “basement” for the townhouse to store more stuff
– Got an iPhone 6 to replace my 4S finally but had to renew my contract with AT&T 😦

Hmmm I think that hits all the high notes over the last few months. I’m sure there are others but I probably already posted about it on Facebook or Twitter.

I’ll have to see how much more energy I have to keep this going or if I should just shut it down and export everything so I have a copy of it. Until the next post (which might be on New Year’s Eve of 2015….)


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