Tablets in the Air

Tablets truly rule the First Class cabin on domestic flights.  I’m on my 3rd flight of 2014 (this was last week btw) and I’m in First Class for the second time and all I can see from the people sitting around me are nothing but tablets.  I am personally using my iPad Mini with Retina Display and around me I see a few more iPads in use as well as a smattering of androids and even some Kindle’s (just the eReader type).  Tablets certainly have become prolific and it definitely makes travel a bit more bearable.  I don’t use my tablet for work really, it’s mostly an entertainment device to help me keep sane as I travel for work.  I use it as my news hub, my all around video device, a place to read my ebooks (paper backs are too heavy these days ;))and of course I play my games.

I mostly see people just like using their tablets to while away the boring time that we all share in the middle of the sky before we reach the next airport.  It was great that the FAA came to its senses and let tablets be used through all stages of flight.  I remember the first an last 20 minutes of any flight being extremely boring since I couldn’t do anything but watch the sky through the window or read the inflight magazine.  If you travel as much as I do, there’s only so many times one can read the same magazine or read Skymall.  A real killer feature would be free wifi on airplanes but I assume Gogo and the airlines make way too much money to ever let that happen.  Although I do hear that JetBlue offers it but they don’t travel to Chicago directly from Miami.

The one thing indefinitely won’t welcome will be inflight phone calls.  I’m sure that would cost a pretty penny and I’m definitely not going to use that option if ever offered since I know it would be distracting to those around me.  What would be awesome would be to use a tablet on an international flight.  The seats in international first look way more comfy than domestic.  I’ve ha a similar experience when going to Hawaii, those lie flats are super sweet!  But the private cabins I’ve seen in ads for some of the carriers like Singapore Airlines put domestic first to shame.

Tablet computing is definitely here to stay and I’m sure more and more people will be bringing them along when they fly.  It certainly makes the case for the airlines to stop buying in flight entertainment.  Maybe they can use the savings from that and let us check a bag without any fees.  Yeah right that’s obviously wishful thinking since they make a killing with those fees these days.  Time to get back to my movie that’s running on my iPad Mini 🙂


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