TravelPro makes awesome suitcases

Alrighty, so today I flew on American Airlines to come to work and the gate agent in all their wisdom made me check my bag. Never mind that I know my bag fits in the overhead because I’ve done it before but I let it go since I wasn’t in the mood to argue with an idiot. I use a TravelPro Crew 6 22″ rollaboard for my business travel. I’ve had this suitcase going on 6 years now I think and it hasn’t needed a lot of repairs. I’ve replaced the zippers on the back pocket and I replaced the wheel assemblies because the old ones broke and I wanted to upgrade them to rollerblade wheels.

Anyway, I got to Chicago and got my bag wouldn’t roll. That means broken wheel! I was a little pissed and decided to see if the baggage people had a screw driver so I could try and fix my rollaboard. Unfortunately they didn’t have what I needed and I didn’t want to give up my rollaboard to American and then get a piece of shit in return since that’s what airlines do. They are only required to give you an equivalent bag and TravelPro makes the best bags in my opinion. So anyway, after doing my 2 minute inspection I noticed the wheel is just slightly crooked, a few hits from the palm of my hand and I was able to get the wheel and axel back into place and it worked just like a charm. The durability of TravelPro has always been the primary reason on why I would buy another one if I need to. My wife owns the exact same bag since I recommended it when she started in consulting and it’s held up very well too. I would like to get a spinner for my next work suitcase but my current suitcase has to break permanently first. I don’t see that happening anytime soon.


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