iPad Mini with Retina!!

iPad Mini with Retina

OK so I decided to bite the bullet and get myself a new toy to play with during my long travels for work.  I was waiting for the new iPad Mini with Retina display to come out after it was announced during the Apple event in October.  This little bugger has the same processor and memory of my iPhone 5s that I use for work which on its own is pretty fast compared to a lot of my other devices that I’m using currently.  I won’t go into some long winded review of the iPad Mini, there are other places like imore.com that do a much better job than I ever could.  I just wanted to write about the fact of how awesome I think this new iPad is.  It will currently replace my iPad 2 as my traveling iPad and the iPad 2 will stay here at home for when I need a bigger iPad to do something.  I won’t lie, I’ve used both my iPad 2 and iPad Mini at the same time which by itself was pretty bad ass.  I bought the wifi version like I have for the previous 2 versions that I own but the kicker is that the Mini has 128GB of memory which translates into storing more videos onto my iPad for traveling 🙂  I also opted to go with the Smart Case in black. It reminds me of the original iPad case that I got for my first iPad and so far its held up well (I dropped the Mini because I fell asleep and it hit the bed rail…)

I like the size and how light it is too, thats not to say my old iPad 2 won’t still be used, it just won’t be my traveling companion anymore.  It still has a front and rear facing camera that my original iPad doesn’t have so maybe my wife will use it to FaceTime with me and my daughter while I’m away.  Anyway, gotta get back to playing with my iPad Mini


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