I passed on the iPad Air

The iPad Air was released this past Friday and I went off to see it at my local Best Buy to see if I wanted to upgrade my iPad 2. There was only one display unit and I wasn’t able to even use it because there were too many people looking at it. However after seeing it I did decide that I didn’t want another full size iPad to carry around or work. Even if I was able to get my hands on the iPad Air, just looking at it reminded me of my iPad 2 and I already have an original iPad as well. I don’t think my household needs 3 9.7″ iPads.

Instead of getting an iPad Air, I’m definitely going to get an iPad Mini with Retina Display for myself and my wife. I think I’ll get my wife the 64GB space gray and I think I’ll get the 128GB space gray model. I currently have the 64GB iPad 2 and there isn’t enough space on t for all the stuff I watch while on the plane. I consider plane time me time so that means watching tons of movies that I don’t get to see while at home since I’m busy with things around the house and spending time with y family. I also have a lot more apps than my wife does and I suspect that my wife will need the 64GB to load some videos for my daughter to watch while we’re out.

The biggest dilemma that my wife and I have now is what kind of cases to get for our mini’s. I might use a combination iPad mini smart case with a Dodocase Book Back or I might go ahead and get the full smart case but it’s all leather and I kind of like the synthetic case that I have for my iPad 2. I did already buy the Steinheil Ultra Fine screen protectors so we won’t have fingerprints on the screen and hopefully those will be in this week. They’re definitely coming in faster than the screen protector I got for my iPhone 5s. Now my wife and I just need to decide what color cases we are going to get and from who. Hopefully we can find them on Amazon.com since my wife has a $50 gift card from trading in her Nexus 7. Now I just have to keep my eyes on the internet so I can see when they finally release the iPad Mini and hopefully I can use my Amex points and my $200 Apple gift card that I’m waiting for for my iPhone 4S trade in. That will definitely cut my personal cost of getting 2 iPad minis. Can’t wait!


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