Finally upgraded my printer

HP Photosmart 7520

Due to a slight misunderstanding with the picture for my daughters new passport that my wife is trying to get, I ended up doing a full upgrade of my homes scanning and printing capabilities. I have been itching to get a new printer for a while that was wireless so that I could print directly from my MacBook Pro. I actually had two different printers at he. One of them was over 10 years old but it made really awesome photo prints. My other one was only 5 years old but the print quality was less than stellar.

I did some research and finally settled on the HP Photosmart 7520. One of the requirements I had was that it would be able to print wirelessly. I don’t print an awful lot but there have been times when I needed to but I had to turn on my desktop, transfer files, and them do my printing. Now I have the ability to print wirelessly from my iPhone using AirPrint or through my wireless network. The ink setup is quite awesome too since it uses more inks than just two cartridges. I like how it has dedicated cartridges for just printing photos. I won’t be giving up my Shutterfly account soon but this will make creating prints easier and I can do it from home.

The best part about it was that I got it at Best Buy using their Price Mat program. offered the the printer for about $160 and at Best Buy it was selling for around $200. Since Best Buy price matches from Amazon, they gave me the printer for the Amazon price. That might make me go to Best Buy more due to price matching but since I now have Amazon Prime, shipping is down to 2 days. I also needed the printer ASAP to make my daughters passport photo. Time will tell how useful the printer is to me but I’m already ready to try to print out some 4×6 prints for my house.


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