iOS 7 Keynote was pretty cool

The Apple WWDC just kicked off this week and they were nice enough to show the keynote speech on There were a lot of great things around Mac and OSX (I’ll probably upgrade my MacBook when they release Mavericks) but what I was really interested in was the new iOS 7 that was announced. I’m a jail breaker for a reason because the native iOS has left out features that I want but with every iteration of iOS they give me less and less reason to jailbreak. iOS 7 is no different than the previous upgrades.

What was really compelling for me was notification center, the new toggles, and multi tasking. Notification Center became a lot like LockInfo which is my go to app for jail breaking. I love the ability to see my calendar and tasks on my phone and with the new iOS they have given me a reason to drop LockInfo from my must have apps for jail breaking. Just by looking at it, it has all the functions that I like about LockInfo and it looks way better (I don’t skin my LockInfo and just use it stock).

SBSettings is my second go to app because it gives me access to my toggles to turn on airplane mode, Bluetooth, and wifi just by swiping. This is another thin that has been solved. Instead of swiping the top of the screen I pull up from the bottom. The Apple version also adds music controls and access to some additional toggles that I don’t have with SBSettings. It looked super sweet on the live demo so I’m itching to try it.

Multitasking looks very familiar with its card interface. The interface closely mimics the multitasking interface used by webOS back when the Palm Pre was out on the market. Don’t get me wrong, I love the new interface for multitasking and before I got an iPhone 3GS I really wanted the Palm Pre but I was unwilling to switch to Sprint for it. I also like how the cards update in the background so it always has the latest information so that is going to be super useful.

The reason I will keep my iPhone jailbroken is because of My3G. This app allows me to use FaceTime over 3G. AT&T allows someone to use FaceTime over 3G but not if you’re on an unlimited data plan like I have. I am unwilling to switch to a tiered plan since I use a lot of data on my phone so if there is one thing keeping me tethered to jail breaking that is it. If I can get away with doing FaceTime over 3G without jail breaking I’m all for it but in the mean time I’ll keep my iOS 6 jailbreak. That doesn’t mean I won’t be able to enjoy iOS 7 by any means. I have a work iPhone that I possess so ill be upgrading that phone to fully test out the new iOS while enjoying the benefits of my jailbreak.

I guess I’ll be waiting until the fall for my software upgrade. Who knows, if the new iPad is truly awesome I’ll have iOS 7 on that device too.


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