No Google Glass

I’m as avid as the next tech guy but I really don’t like Google Glass.  It’s not from a privacy thing or because I don’t think the tech isn’t cool or anything, I just don’t like wearing glasses unless they are sun glasses these days.  As a person that wore glasses for most of their childhood and adult life, putting a pair of glasses on to get augmented reality information is just not that appealing.  I spent lots of time and cash trying to eliminate my need for glasses overall and the prospect of needing to wear something on my face just to get some snippet of information that I could probably get on my phone right in my line of sight just doesn’t jive with me.  I will admit that the concept is pretty cool but if its anything like how people use cell phones and drive, I think I’ll be grateful if we can skip Google Glass because the roads are dangerous enough right now with people driving while doing (eating, texting, using a phone, checking email, playing a game, etc.).  Google Glass would constitute one more distraction that really isn’t needed unless you’re maybe walking in an unfamiliar town.

I personally won’t be getting a pair of these, I’ll invest my money into a new iPad or maybe my mid life crisis car instead that has a lot of the things Glass does built in.


No Google Glass

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