Country Fried Steak

This past week my wife went to Omaha Steaks since they were having a sale on package deals and one of the items she picked up was country fried steak. Normally I have country fried steak in places like Chili’s or some unique place when I am working in the South somewhere. I have to admit that the country fried steak from Omaha Steaks was pretty good. The wife made some mashed potatoes to go with it and the gravy (with added bacon bits) which made it extra awesome.

Normally I take pictures of my food but this time I didn’t since I was a bit hungry and I totally forgot to take a picture. Lucky for me there are two more in the freezer for next weekend so I’ll take a picture then. I’ve recently limited my food pictures for when I go out but I’ll make an exception this time.

It’s time to wait for my flight at FLL so I guess I’ll see if the new Netflix show Hemlock Grove is any good


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