Where is my MTV?

I will admit that as a child I was one of the uncool kids whose parents didn’t want to pay for TV. This means that when MTV first came out in the 80’s I had to do without and just watch regular old cartoons on network TV and listen to things like a real radio station and hope that they actually said the title of the song and the artist at some point. This lack of music television was somewhat resolved when I went to UMass but it wasn’t the same. The cheapskates at UMass thought they could cheapen out by offering MuchMusic which was the Canadian answer to MTV. I really didn’t start getting MTV until I was out of school and living on my own. Now in the early 2000’s MTV started this weird transformation by showing reality TV instead of music. This was kind of weird since I waited so long to get MTV and now they were butchering it by showing crap like The Real World and Laguna Beach.

Lets fast forward to today. I follow a band called Paramore on twitter because I happen to like their music. They were going to have a launch party on MTV at 5PM but according to my TV Guide app the only thing that was on was some weak ass show called 16 and Pregnant. MTV doesn’t show a lot of music anymore so I’m failing to see their relevance in the music world these days. Basic cable doesn’t get you MTV2 and MTV3 where they might be showing music but that doesn’t help the masses that are stuck with the original channel and can only see reality TV crap all day long. So now I question whether MTV should even keep their name since they clearly don’t even show music anymore or even music specials beyond their really weak music awards show.

Someone over there needs to get a clue and start showing music again or at least change the name of the station so we’re not all lead to believe that actual music might be shown on their station. Oh and btw, their website sucks too, I’d much rather watch music videos on Vivo since at least they bill themselves as a music website and actually show music videos and not reality TV garbage.

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