iMovie Fixed!

A few months ago I was trying to use iMovie on my MacBook Pro and for some reason it just wasn’t working right. All my videos that were in iPhoto weren’t being imported and it was literally driving me mad since there were a lot of movies that I wanted to edit and see. At the same time that I was having issues with iMovie, I was in the middle of a massive iPhoto clean up. I was able to get rid of around 15000 duplicate photos that were in my library file and I did a cleanup of the database as well for good measure. After doing all of that, iMovie began to work as it was supposed to. I think it was due to the massive cleanup that I did with iPhoto and repairing the database that finally made the links between the two apps work again.

I wanted to do some movie editing but I just don’t have enough time to fire up the MacBook and do anything. I am glad that it is available to me now if I wanted to do something but the fact of the matter is that I need time and inspiration first to make something nice and creative. I have been using iMovie on my iPhone though and that has been working very well for me. I should use it more often definitely but I need reasons to take video as well.

I took a couple of videos today with my iPhone when I brought my daughter out to the playground and I was able to do some quick things with iMovie that were pretty sweet if I do say so myself. Unfortunately the output movie was huge since there were transitions, effects, and music that were part of the file. I put it up on YouTube so that I can share it with friends and family. I’m hoping to make better use of iPhoto and iMovie on my iPhone and iPad in the future but its all about time and inspiration I guess. If they let me do my photo book projects in iPhoto I think that would be a killer feature for a future release. Although I’m not going to give up my jailbreak for it anytime soon unless its really compelling.


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