One Week to Go

In a little over one week I have to start traveling again for work. I’ve been on compensatory since December and I gotta say that I’ve loved it so far. I have enjoyed working from home and being able to spend time with my family since the holidays. I guess in the mean time I should take full advantage of my time with my wide and daughter while I’m home since I will only be able to see them on FaceTime in the mornings instead of continuously throughout the day. I’ll definitely miss the family meals and putting Elysia to bed at night. I will still have the weekends but I will miss doing it every night like I have been since I’ve been at home. Now I have to mentally prepare for going back on the road since I know that my time is short and local clients just don’t exist in Florida.

Luckily I have maintained my status on United and at Hilton for 2013. I just need to rebuild my status so that I can maintain or exceed my current levels into 2014. I don’t think that will be that difficult as long as I continuously travel for the next 8 months or so. With my current project I don’t think that will be a big issue.

The issue I have is that I will continue my travels to New Jersey for the foreseeable future. In not the biggest fan of Jersey (insert HEAVY sarcasm), but its what is going to pay the bills and I’ve me enough points and miles to go some place a little more exotic. I think a major trip in 2014 might be achievable I I can hoard my points to finally get my butt international. Maybe for the first trip we will try Europe and then the next one will be to Asia. By that time Elysia should be old enough to walk and talk better and can handle the long flight. I won’t be able to do the infant in arms thing but that’s fine by me.

I suppose I need to remember what it is I need to pack for work again. Bag I think I’ll just wing it next Sunday evening before I head off to Jersey again.


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