I hate Vee Rubber Tires

These tires suck

I’ve had Vee Rubber tires on my car for a few months or possibly over a year (I can’t remember) but I gotta say that I uniformly hate them.  Since I got them they have caused me nothing but issues and I’ve been able to get rid of 2 of the 4 tires that are on my car.  I can’t wait to get rid of the other two but it should be another 10K miles before that can happen.  The issue that I currently have with the tires is that when I put them on the front of my car, it screws up the alignment really bad and makes the car pull really far to the left.  I had to bring in my car to the shop a second time in only 5 days to try and get the problem corrected.  I had some $100 tires put on the rear of my car because the Vee Rubbers that were back there were crap and my shocks killed them.  The shop rotated the Vee Rubbers to the back and stuck the new tires that I bought on the front and the problem was solved like magic.  No other work needed to be done.

I’ll say this, I’m going to start sticking to tire brands that I know about and not accept crappy tires from these crazy tire dealers. If I could afford them I’d put Michelins on all my vehicles or Bridgestone’s.  At the very least Kumho’s.  Only 10K to go and I can say bye bye to my last 2 Vee Rubber tires.


One thought on “I hate Vee Rubber Tires

  1. Vee Rubber makes decent tires for fat bikes. Their car tires are on par with Cheng Shit. I never trust my life to a Vee Rubber or Cheng Shit, or any other low quality Asian brand. Dunlop or Michelin for me please.

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