No Hair Cut for 60 Days

For approximately 60 days I’m going to be working from home which means I don’t have to look all that “groomed” for the office or my client. I’ve decided to try something while I am home, I plan on not cutting my hair for the entire time that I’m home to see how long it will get and to see how shaggy I will become. I’m just doing this because I don’t feel like getting a hair cut and I’ve never really had long hair before so this will certainly be interesting to see. Unfortunately, at the end of the 60 days and before I go back to my client I’m going to have to cut my hair. I will have my wife take pics of what my hair looks like with over 60 days of growth on it.

Since I have a baby face, I’m not going to be able to grow a beard like most people but thats ok, I think the long hair will be enough. Who knows, maybe I’ll keep it if it looks good on me….. nah my job would never let me do that and I don’t think my wife would either. I’m officially starting this challenge with a back date of December 21st since that was the first day I was home for work and I won’t cut my hair until February 23rd. I’ll post a pic when February 23rd comes around just before I go see my barber Ramon to get it all cut away and ready for work.


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