New Britax Marathon 70G

Britax Marathon 70

I just received from my lovely friends at my new car seat for my daughter. My wife and I decided to get the Britax Marathon 70G which had some of the highest reviews for convertible car seats.  This is a convertible car seat which means I can change it from facing forward to facing backwards depending on my daughters height and weight.  The seat itself looks pretty comfortable for my daughter.  My wife just took it out of the box to do some minor adjustments to the straps so that my daughter fits.  The only thing left to do is stick it in the van and get the thing turned around so that its facing backwards instead of forwards.

Our old Chico has lasted us for over a year and so far its held up pretty well.  My daughter is now at the weight where we must now retire the Chico.  I was going to try and wait for that 20% off sale for trading in an old car seat from Babies R Us but I saw that the discount only applies to certain brands in the store and Britax isn’t one of them.  No matter, I think I got a better deal from anyway.   I saw the car seat at Buy Buy Baby and it was $299.  Even with the 20% off I still got a better deal at for only $211.  Now thats a deal I can live with.  It would have been better if it was free or something but I’ll accept this.  I am also not going to get a separate seat for my car since we never take it anyway when we have my daughter with us.  The Odyssey is just too much fun compared to my old Altima.

I guess its time for me to install this thing.  This should be fun.


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