Thanksgiving and Black Friday 2012

It’s the day before Thanksgiving and I’m on day 3 of my staycation. That generally means that I have daddy duty while the Mrs. works during the day. It’s not easy to keep my daughter entertained the entire day and on top of that she’s also sick so it makes things extra interesting. So far all the Thanksgiving ingredients have been purchased between my family and my sister-in-laws. It’s actually my sister-in-laws holiday so she will be making the bird and the ham, we just bring the side items. Traditionally we don’t do turkey day dinner, we do turkey day lunch because it’s way easier. Dinner will consist of leftovers so turkey day won’t be an all day affair like most people.

Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year for us Americans. This is where we can get all the door buster deals and wait in line forever just to get a few bucks off some item we want but not necessarily need. I’m going to try and keep to my tradition of not going out with the crazies and just going during normal business hours. I don’t really intend to go out to buy anything, I just plan to take a nice stroll and escape my house for a few hours. I intend to stay up late on turkey night so I can buy what I want online.


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