I Resisted the iPad Mini

Last week I saw the keynote for the new iPad mini online with countless others who were anticipating the new tablet from Apple. I kind of admit that I don’t really want to get it. I looked at the specs of the iPad Mini and they were pretty much the same as my current iPad 2 which I’m using to type up this blog post. The iPad mini is a smaller version of the current iPad and offers the Apple ecosystem but in a smaller package but not as small as an iPod touch which only came out a few weeks beforehand.

I decided to see the iPad Mini at my local Best Buy to compare it to the current iPads that are being offered. I bought my wife a Nexus 7 which kind of have the same dimensions of the iPad Mini but it was a little bit wider than the Nexus. I decided to play with it for a little bit and I was a bit underwhelmed. As much hype that has come about regarding the smaller form factor and that it had the same internals as an iPad 2, at the end of the day it was still an iPad although it is smaller and lighter than what I currently use. I can see the value to places like schools or people that love to read. The small form factor and lighter weight are big pluses since I do find myself propping up my iPad 2 on a pillow or something when I’m reading at night.

Although my time with the iPad Mini at Best Buy was relatively brief, I can say that for now I will resist the urge to spend money and just keep using my iPad 2. I’ve even resisted the urge to get the iPad 4 because of the problems that would ensue since it uses a lightning connector and not the regular 30 pin doc connector (which I have never minded). At the end of the day, what you would be buying is an iPad. I have 2 of these things and having a faster and lighter device certainly has its appeal but those new iPads do not reduce the general enjoyment that I can get out of my perfectly functional iPad 2. Maybe when the iPad 6 comes out ill be compelled to get a new one since by that time they would have stopped developing iOS upgrades for my iPad 2.

Maybe in the next few years we will see the rise of another company to take away the allure of Apple and its products, until then I’ll be making constant use of my iPads until they break.


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