Oh Desktop PC, how I’ve missed you!

Tonight the wife is out with her friends so its just me and the baby home alone. I had some things to do online tonight and I already put my baby to sleep for the evening so instead of using my MacBook Pro, I’m using my 5 year old HP Desktop PC that I haven’t used in a really long time for a prolonged period of time since I have been booted from my office since I’m not home often and my wife works from home. I gotta say that I really missed this. As much as I love using my MacBook Pro and my iPads, there still is something that I love about using my desktop PC. I think its the awesome Bose sound system that my wife bought me many years ago and the 23″ screen that I’m using right now to write this blog post. Compared to my MacBook Pro, my PC is looking a little sluggish but I also think its because there is just so much crap on this computer that needs to be cleaned out and I just haven’t had the time to do it.

There isn’t much that I can do on my PC that I can’t do on my MacBook Pro but one of the things that I can’t currently do is play my music really loud of my Bose speakers which is still pretty awesome after all this time. I’m currently playing some music on Winamp (good lord that takes me back) since I actually still prefer it compared to iTunes. Since the entire family is pretty invested in Apple gear these days (never thought I’d ever say that) it makes sense for me to use a MacBook Pro at the moment. I just need way more storage (something along the lines of 2TB would do nicely) than I currently do on my MacBook. I can use external hard drives and everything but that almost takes most of the portability out of having a laptop.

I don’t think I could ever get away from not having a desktop PC but I certainly am trying. I think the biggest thing about owning a desktop these days is the larger screen and using my Bose. I think I can get rid of everything else thats attached to it or find some other use. As an example, I have a secondary DVD writer, printer, and external drive that I still have to hook up to the desktop. I think I could get away with hooking everything up to a my wireless network at some point but that would require investing more money into my technology setup which I’m not prepared to do yet. The tech I use is still kind of old but I don’t believe in upgrading my tech anymore unless something is truly not working anymore. Thats a big switch from just a couple years ago when I needed the latest and greatest gadget on the block. My entire setup except for my router and my monitor (both of which needed replacing) is over 5 years old now and the fact that they’re all still working quite well is pretty amazing.

There aren’t a lot of opportunities for me to use my desktop PC but its nights like this that let me enjoy the power I used to have when I ruled my office and the equipment in it.


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