Trying out ifttt

I’m trying out this new service that I discovered while browsing through my Twitter feed on Flipboard.  It’s a service called ifttt, for those of you that have never heard of this before, it stands for “if this then that”.  This is a neat little service that allows you to “put the web to work for you” by creating a series of recipes to do certain actions on the internet.  As an example, I’m a heavy Evernote user, at least I am for work but I do use it for personal stuff too.  Since I want to be able to archive a lot of the things that I do, I’ve been looking for Evernote recipes to utilize.  One of the things that I want to archive are blog posts such as this one.  I have just set up a recipe to archive anything that I post to my blog to my Evernote account so that I can have a running archive of all the crap that I rant about online that no one will ever read.  This recipe isn’t my first one, the first one that I did was to have all my Instagram photo’s archived to Evernote and that one seems to work just fine since over the past few days I’ve seen pictures pop up in my Evernote account that I took with Instagram.  I must say thats pretty damn nifty!

Being nifty and all, I’ve created a few more to archive pictures I’m tagged in on Facebook, my tweets on twitter, and my status updates to all go to Evernote. I hope that I have enough space to save all this crud but since most of what I do online is text and not media, I don’t think it will be a problem.  Only time will tell as ifttt does its little dance on the internet as I’m posting things.  The only concern that some people might have is putting in their login and password into ifttt to make the recipes required.  I have enough trust in most service aggregators to put those credentials in but if there are qualms about doing that, then this service isn’t for you.  Besides, I can always change my password if something fishy starts going on anyway or enable my privacy features on any number of accounts that I hold.

The only thing that I think is missing is a way to go back and archive things that have already been posted. For example, I’ve blogged a LOT over the years.  There are at least 7 years of posts sitting on WordPress right now and it would suck if I lost them all due to some unforeseen error.  The best that I can do is export it all to an XML file so it can be re-imported into another blog hosted by WordPress.  If I could just put it all in Evernote, that would be totally bad ass but I know that I would quickly go over my limit since there are nearly 1000 posts in this blog.

I’ll continue to monitor my Evernote account for changes since I made quite a few recipes tonight.  If this works out, Evernote might be my Go To app for almost everything that I do on the web as long as I don’t go over my monthly limit for my free account.


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