HHonors Diamond at last!

Finally after suffering through not having any status at hotels or airlines due to my inactivity last year, I have finally been able to reach status at one place, namely Hilton Hotels.  The highest status you can get with Hilton is Diamond unless there is some unspoken status that can be achieved but I’m not shooting for that.  I was just shooting for Diamond since having that was super sweet when I last had it in 2010.  The funny thing is, I don’t even know how I got it.  I was able to get Gold when I did Hilton’s yearly fast track to Gold challenge which isn’t all that challenging when you travel every week.  I was unaware if there was some challenge that would get me to Diamond, if there is I’m grateful that it kicked in.  This means I just get to rack in the bonus points so I can take vacations even sooner than I planned or I can save them for something truly awesome instead of just great.

I’m currently staying at a DoubleTree which is a Hilton property but they don’t give you a lot in the way of freebies besides breakfast and internet (its wired internet too since they don’t have wireless in the building which is strange).  If I can stay at another Hilton type property there will be even better benefits but it all depends on which Hilton branded hotel I stay in.  Whats really awesome is that last year they gave all the freebies to Diamond members where in the past you had to make a choice between points, food, or internet at most properties.  Now you just get all of them once you hit this tier.

Just for kicks I just calculated the number of points I got for my latest stay.  Mind you there is also a double point bonus that I signed up for so the points I’m getting right now are pretty much insane.  My points for last week were 26,958.  Thats pretty damn good if I do say so myself.  Most of my co-workers prefer staying at the Westin which is right next door.  The Westin is a very nice hotel and I’ll admit I love the smell in that place.  The white tea smell is pretty strong in the lobby and I’ll even admit that when I have to stay at a Westin I take the soap home with me just because I like how it smells.  Now that I have Diamond, I’m going to try and maintain it for next year as well since I know that any client that I end up going to there should be a Hilton property close by.  It may not have the rep among frequent travelers like SPG, but I always know that any podunk town that I may be sent there will always be some sort of Hilton in the area, you can’t say that for SPG.  Now to work on that pesky United status, I’ll be excited to just get to Silver with them and hopefully I can achieve it after Monday’s flight.

Update: I just decided to check my United account and I’m finally at Premier Silver!  Woohoo!  That means instead of being with boarding zone 7 or 8 I’ll be bumped up to 5!  Ahh its the little things in life that just make things all better when you’re down.  LOL!


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