I don’t get Pinterest

Pinterest has been around for a few months and I decided to sign up for an account to see what all the hype was about. According to what I’ve read, you pin stuff to boards that you like on the web and share it with people. I think people are using it to pin things that they would like to buy and there are some analysis reports saying that people that use Pinterest buy more junk. I’ve gone ahead and tried using Pinterest to see if there was something interesting for me to pin or buy. So far I haven’t seen anything that I want to buy but it’s still early. I have found some interesting info graphics though that were worth a glance.

I keep going back to Pinterest once a day to see what the hype is about but so far I don’t see it. I have a lot of junk steady and I don’t see myself adding to the pile except to replace stuff I need to get rid of or to buy some new toys to play with. I guess I’ll keep on looking for a few more days to see if this really catches on with me. I personally prefer being addicted to Flipboard. I think I use that the most out of all my apps besides text messaging and email. It’s my conduit to twitter, Facebook, and all the news I can consume.

Maybe something will take hold or I’ll find more junk to buy for my family or home. Maybe I’ll give Path a try again too but I need the Mrs. to join with me to make it worth while.


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