Year of the Dragon

Its officially Chinese New Year which means the year of the Dragon has begun. I’ve read a little on this topic on my off hours from work while I travel and I must admit its pretty interesting. It never really occurred to me before until I read about it that the year of the Dragon is the only year in the Chinese calendar that relates to a mythical creature rather than one found in nature. T be thorough, I decided to look at the placemat the last time I went to a Chinese restaurant and lo and behold its true, only the dragon is unique in that regard.

There were lots of articles that were saying there might be a baby boom because people want to have their children born this year because of what the dragon represents and because saying you were born in the year of the dragon is just plain cool as hell. I personally was shooting for a rabbit when I had my daughter since I wanted her to be lucky. Not to mention there are lots of toys that are rabbits that I can take advantage of as she grows up.

Happy Year of the Dragon!


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