Death of bit torrent

There has been a lot of talk in tech news circles about bit torrent sites going belly up recently due to the recent crack down by governments looking for ways to curb online piracy of media like movies and music. Media content creators and artists have been trying to combat this for ages. I remember when Napster was huge when I was in college. There were people downloading and sharing music like crazy but it was actually a great way to get music and to listen to artists that a lot of us have never heard of before. Alas Napster died and tried to come back as a pay service but that largely died off too. There have been other numerous file sharing sites over the years but trying to kill off places like The Pirate Bay and Megaupload seem a bit harsh.

I’ve attempted to try bit torrent and it’s a bit too slow for my taste. It takes long hours, sometimes DAYS to get stuff from bit torrent. I’m sure a lot of people have the patience for that sort of thing but I certainly don’t. I use services like Netflix and YouTube for most of my media consumption or I just wait until I can get home and use my TiVo. Besides killing off a few services like bit torrent really doesn’t do anything except for programmers to innovate again to cheat the “Man”. Instead of using torrents, they’ve already started to use some other type of link on torrent sites that still do the same thing and you still don’t have to change the software that you’re using which is pretty awesome.

Don’t get me wrong, I do feel bad that there is media piracy but there are lots of positives to it. Think of it as free advertising most of the time in my opinion. So you lose out on the price of a CD or movie ticket, think most of the time people want to get their content digitally and if you really like the artist you’ll go and find a way to see them live. A great case for this is No Doubt. They put their entire discography online for FREE on their website and you didn’t have to go to iTunes or anything to get it. I downloaded it, although I still haven’t unzipped the file and it’s already been at least a year or two, and went to their concert and had a blast and even bought a t-shirt. Movies you really can’t do the same thing but the masses want their stuff on demand instead of having to plan out their days around movie times and junk like that. I know that personally I’ve only been to one movie so far in the past 3-4 months because there aren’t any movies I’m willing to pay $10 for.

While the death of bit torrent isn’t final, I do know that they are just giving programmers an incentive to create some other spectacular file sharing software that will probably take the government another 10 years to find out about and try and shut down. In those next 10 years, I’m sure I’ll be getting everything on demand, hopefully also while I’m in the air because being offline kind of stinks and I don’t like having to store everything locally.


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