Sunday Travel Stinks

Its the last travel week of the calendar year for work for me. I’m once again heading out to California on a Sunday evening, well afternoon really since I had to leave my house at 3:30pm. I’m hoping that this will be the last time I’ll have to do this for a while since its hard to leave my wife and baby behind. The problem with leaving on Sundays is that I’m away for five nights not just the usual three that I do when I have to travel on the east or to the mid west.n I guess I’ve been spoiled this apart year since I’ve been working from home do much this past year.

I remember almost four years ago that I had to do Sunday travel for a client. Back then it wasn’t so bad since I only had my wife to worry about and the entire travel schedule wasn’t bad since I was only gone for four nights and not five. Granted I wasn’t too thrilled about that either but there’s little that I can do about it sometimes. For my next project I’m going to see if I can find another one that is only on the east coast, mid west, or virtual. The virtual ones you gotta be really lucky but I think I can swing at least the east coast or mid west for the next project.

One other thing that really really stinks about Sunday travel is that all the tourists are out and about with a vengeance. There were tons of strollers and families all over the place which is different from what I’m used to on Mondays which are business travelers who zip in and out of the security lines and know not to line up before the boarding door even opens up. I’m going to be one of those tourists next week when I go up to CT for the holidays but at least me and the mrs are experienced fliers so we know how to pack and travel light. We will have the little one with us but we will teach her well so that she can be an expert traveler like her parents. One of the perks of having a little one besides just having her in our lives is that we get to pre-board 🙂

Here’s to the last of my business travel for 2011. Hopefully 2012 will be as great as 2011 has been.


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