Airlines I want to fly in 2012

During my consulting career and even in life I’ve flown a lot of different airlines. In consulting I’ve pretty much just flown the domestic carriers like Delta, United, American, US Airways, etc. I’m technically loyal to SkyTeam but that’s only because I’ve flown the most with Delta Airlines over the years of ive flown on a SkyTeam partner. Lately this past year and the year before, I have flown a decent amount on Star Alliance such as United and US Airways. While I like flying either United or Delta for most of my business travel, I do want to try some other domestic carriers like Virgin America which seem pretty cool.

I’ve flown JetBlue for a while for personal travel but flying them for business isn’t half bad either. The other carriers that are not part of Star or SkyTeam do seem to offer more stuff for the price at you pay. I can only talk about JetBlue since they are the only carrier I’ve flown that wasn’t SkyTeam or Star Alliance domestically. I get free TV, free XM Radio (not that I use it), and they still serve snacks! The serving of snacks is a big thing for me since I fly do much and a lot of the time I fly for a few hours so I need something to keep my strength up so I can work during the day. My favorite happen to be terra blue chips but I think that on my latest flight I’ll try something else. What is also awesome is that they serve Arizona ice tea on their flights which is a great change from the usual crap I get on most other airlines.

If I was going to fly internationally, I want to try out Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines, and maybe another one of the more popular carriers. I’ve flown Lufthansa and Singapore before but when that was when I was a lot younger than I am now. I personally don’t want to travel on those carriers in economy but in business class but those kinds of flights are typically really expensive. Maybe one of these days I’ll be able to do that. I’d like to bring my family on a nice trip to Europe or Asia in the next few years. I want to be able to show my daughter what things are like in other countries but I want her to be old enough to be able to really experience it and to remember the trip.

I do know that one of my trips will be to Singapore so I know that I will at least get to fly Singapore Airlines. As for some of the other airlines that I’ve mentioned, it depends on what my work schedule is like, my wife’s work schedule,and where we decide to take our major vacations in the future. On my hit list is at least, Singapore, Italy, the UK, Australia, Switzerland, and Malaysia at the very least. Now flying to those destinations will let me try some international airlines which I’ve heard are way better than the domestic carriers I’ve been flying the last few years.


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