Recycling Old Tech

I will admit that I’m a bit of a tech hoarder. I take years to get rid of any computer equipment or computers just in case I find a new use for it. Lately I’ve been trying to get rid of more and more of my older tech to make room in my office closet for other stuff that is more important.

Most recently I decided to finally get rid of my old MS keyboard that used a mini-din connector (what computer uses that anymore?) and a USB keyboard that I had in my closet. I also chose to recycle my wife’s old scanner because Windows 7 doesn’t have any drivers that are compatible with it. I guess having a 10 year old scanner is kind of a hinderance these days but if there were drivers for it, I would have kept it. Alas even my MacBook didn’t have drivers for it either so off to the recycler it went! The last thing that I sent in was my fathers old Dell Laptop that I kept around to see if I could fix it for a reasonable price. The laptop itself was fine except that the screen went bad and you couldn’t see anything on the screen.

The only bad part about recycling at Best Buy is that I have to pay $10 to recycle anything with screen. The good part is that thy give you $10 back in the form of a gift card. I should have recycled first before buying the Blu-ray movies I purchased a couple of weeks ago, then I would have saved myself some cash.

Now the only thing that I really need to find is a place that can recycle my old hard drives. I have a number of drives in my closet but I don’t have a way to drill or crush them so the data won’t be able to be retrieved. I know that Best Buy won’t accept a computer with a hard drive and I’ve recycled 3 computers so far so already have a lot of hard drives in my possession but the data in it is old or I’ve wiped the drive already. I just want to unload more stuff to make more room. The next area that will need some attention is all the wires that I have in the closet. Most of those wires are for old phones and stuff or for connecting home theater equipment that I don’t have anymore. That will have to be some weekend project when I’m not busy with my new daughter or doing things around the house. At least it gives me something to look forward to and it will make my wife happy that I’m doing some spring cleaning.


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