iPhone 4S Pre-Ordered!

This past Friday Apple released the iPhone 4S for pre-order for delivery on October 14th. Pre-ordering was to start at 3AM EST on AT&T and at Apple. I decided to stay with AT&T because I have 3 lines with them and my contract was also up so. Could get a new contract price for the phone. Me and My friend Luan were both up texting each other as we struggled to get our iPhones.

I woke up a little bit early and used my new MacBook Pro and my iPhone with the Apple Store app to try and get the phone. The pre-order wasn’t open on time. It took quite a while before i was able to try and get the phone. The single point of failure actually wasn’t Apple but AT&T. I had to try a lot if times to get my phone but it kept on timing out when Apple was trying to verify my eligibility with AT&T that I could qualify for the upgrade and get the right pricing. I managed to run my Macbook’s battery all the way down to 14% before Apple came up with a creative way to take orders without involving AT&T up front.

Apple decided to take the information from their customers and do the verification on the back end and let people complete their order after verification by sending an email and giving a window of opportunity to complete their order so people could go to sleep. I wish that Apple had done this on the outset, it would have let me go to bed a lot sooner. Maybe they’ll do this for the next product release (I’m guessing iPad 3) so it won’t take so much time to order the device.

Now I’m locked in for another 2 years with AT&T but I’m happy to get my iPhone 4S. The next task is to convince my wife to get an iPhone 4S as well. I guess we’ll see how she likes using mine this coming weekend when we’re in Connecticut.


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