One month with the Mac

I’m writing this blog post from my MacBook Pro that I received from my father as my 2011 gift.  I have been slowly trying to users e this more than my desktop PC in the past few weeks but its been a slow transition since I have to ration my data usage more on a laptop.  Don’t get me wrong, my MacBook Pro has 750 gigs of space which is plenty but this thing needs to last 5 years at the very least.

I’ve transferred my music and photo collection to the Mac to test out iPhoto and iTunes. I’ll have to admit that using iPhoto is pretty simplistic and I like how I can arrange things in events.  I have a lot of pictures that I need to start managing and I’m even thinking of splitting my iPhoto library into a few libraries since there are some really old pics that I don’t care about these days but that I don’t want to lose.  I have backups everywhere but I really wanted to see what I could do in iPhoto with everything loaded in.

iTunes works the same pretty much the same way on my Mac like my Windows Desktop so I won’t dwell on that. What does work better is Frostwire and Handbrake.  I’m amazed at how much better these products are comparatively to my desktop.  I don’t use either that often though, I’m mostly concerned with surfing the web.  Which brings me to the native full screen apps and all the gestures that can be used. I’m big into using Safari instead of Firefox since I’ve had both of them installed.  I like being able to use my three finger gestures to move away from Safari and go back to it.  I’m also big on using some of the other apps like iTunes in full screen and iPhoto full screen.  It makes it more like my iPad than anything else which I like to use almost daily.  I’ve also been surprised that my wife has been using the Mac successfully over the past few weeks.  She’s been more involved in taking care of the baby but she hasn’t had a cause to close the lid and go to the office to fire up the desktop which I take is a good sign.

I’ll have to continue experimenting with the Mac but so far I have downloaded things like Spotify which I have found to be a really cool program to listen to music before I buy it.  It’s too bad that I can’t use the mobile app without paying for it though.   Just to be sure of compatibility with my already created docs, I bought a copy of Office for $25 using a program at work.  I’m going to try and defer to iWorks as much as possible though since its easier to manage over all but I will probably miss some of the familiarity of Office so in a pinch I’ll use that instead.  What I need now is a NAS since my household just went to multiple computer systems again.  I don’t count my work laptop as part of my ecosystem these days since I’m trying my best to keep work on my work laptop, and keep my personal stuff on my desktop and Mac.  I guess to a certain extent also my iPad and iPhone.

To punctuate my transition to my Mac, I haven’t turned on my desktop since I’ve been home except to sync my phone and I’ve moved from working in the office to the dining room for this week and I’m using my Mac and my work laptop at the same time.  The only thing I really miss is the ability to use my Bose sound system and utilizing my 23″ screen.  Here’s to continuing on with my Macbook Pro for the next few years!


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