Delayed in SFO…..again

I can’t seem to win when it comes to flying home from SFO to MIA. I’ve been flying here for three weeks and this is the second time that I’m going to be leaving past 11PM PDT when my original flight is supposed to leave at 8:45 PM. The last time I think it was the weather that wasn’t agreeing with me so that I can kind of forgive since it is a nature thing. This time its a mechanical problem with the plane. They didn’t give an specifics on what was wrong this time but it’s bad enough that they have to haul the plane away and we have to wait for another plane from Miami to come in so we can take that one instead.

I’m coming to SFO for one more week after this then I’ll be at home. I’m hoping that I have good luck next week and that I won’t be delayed in going home. For one thing I need some sleep when I get in because sleeping on the plane really sucks especially when you have the aisle seat and the other people in the row probably want to go to the bathroom or something. The other is that I have to go to work still and produce some documents that are due next Tuesday.

I really wish that I could use Delta Airlines for flying here rather than having to use American. Unfortunately this is the only direct flight that comes to SFO from South Florida. And to think, I only have to keep on doing this until November. If my luck continues like this I’m going to ask to get a different flight home because I can’t be arriving at home in the middle of the day on Friday, expected to work the whole day and then not spend the time I want with my family. I guess I’ll cross my fingers and pray this is the last time this will happen for the month of August


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