Are professional blogs necessary?

I subscribe to a bunch of sites and some of them regard recruiting. One of the suggestions that I’ve seen is to maintain a professional blog of some kind. I currently keep a personal blog (this one) but I don’t keep a professional one because I don’t see the need to. I can see how it would be useful for maybe a C level exec or something or maybe the head of a development team trying to push out the next big thing for their customers but not for your average worker. With everything that people do during their day at work with their real job, maintaining a professional blog almost seems silly. Everyone has an opinion about something but taking the time to write it all down for the planet to read (probably recruiters or something) just doesn’t seem like the best way to get hired.

I think the best way is to nail the interview and show the passion you have face to face in the work you do. I think that has worked well for me in the past but I know that the real challenge is just getting to the interview part. To be judged by what you write on a professional blog shouldn’t be a huge factor in decoding whether or not to interview someone. I see the value in it but not for the average person looking for a job. Maybe recruiters should think of a less time intensive way for job seekers to make themselves stand out. LinkedIn comes to mind…..

Needless to say, until I make Director somewhere, I won’t be starting a professional blog of any kind unless it’s absolutely essential for me to. I have enough going on in my life that dedicating time to writing stuff about what I do for work on my own time just doesn’t jive with me and my work/life balance goals. Until the next rant….


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