Saving Money on Baby Crap

I have definitely come to value the time and money that I’ve spent going to the various classes at my local hospital before I become a father. Not only am I learning hints that will make sure I don’t hurt my future baby but I’m also learning what a scam most of the baby crap they sell in places like Babies R Us is. I think after each class me and my wife have gone back to Babies R Us or some other baby store and have returned something that we previously registered for or have rethought what we really needed.

Prime example are those kits for the crib. Those suckers cost hundreds of dollars because of the sheets, quilts, bumpers, etc. We learned in class that almost all of that is stuff we’ll never use especially since we live in South Florida. Not to mention it reduces the risk of the baby getting SIDS some there are less things for them to roll into and cut off their air supply. So all we did was get a mattress and a sheet and that was it. Mucho money saved! I think on average we are returning things after each class and getting at least $50 back that we can spend on other stuff that we might need. We’re eyeing a Bob Jogging Stroller so that we can exercise and take the baby with us. I’m not a runner so I’m going to be on my bike while my wife runs since that’s her thing. I’m also eyeing my totally wireless baby monitor that has video and audio as well as movement sensors. I can even view it while I’m away for work, now that’s worth the money right there.

I’m sure I’ll find ways to spend the money I saved on my new baby but at least I was able to return things I don’t need or are dangerous. Only 2 weeks to go give or take!


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