Evernote is awesome for work

Traditionally I have been a OneNote kind of person when it comes to taking notes for my work related stuff.  It was nice that I could draw things (which I rarely did), put notes anywhere on the page (which I did a lot), and they were all neatly organized in notebooks.  The only problem with this system is that I had to pop open my computer if I needed to read something while I was on the go.  Since I started my new job back in February, I’ve started to use Evernote for my work note taking application.  I’ve used it for personal stuff in the past but I’ve since moved that stuff to Springpad because I normally just need to remember things that I need to buy and Springpad has a better interface for that sort of thing.  I’ll miss the text searching in images but I normally use both at once.  Anyway, I digress yet again.  I’ve been using Evernote for my work notes for just meetings that I attend where I need to remember something but I don’t necessarily need to publish meeting minutes to anyone.  I don’t use notebooks anymore but I do use tags and the ability to search my tags and for text is pretty helpful.  I’m trying to not create too many tags for work though so it doesn’t overtake my personal stuff.

Where I’ve found Evernote to be most helpful is by using two computers at once or when I am on calls and not near my computer, I have my Evernote app handy on my work cell phone so I can peck out some notes on the go.  I have Evernote installed on all my devices where Evernote has an app available and I’ve used it more than once on two computers at the same time since it just made things easier for me so I wouldn’t have to switch windows all the time.  I’m fast approaching having more work notes than personal notes and I see that increasing as soon as I get my stylus for my iPad2.  There is an application called Notes+ that I’ve been eying for the past week or so, my friend uses it with his iPad and the one feature that they’re supposed to come out with will be Evernote syncing.  There are other iPad apps that do Evernote syncing but Notes+ is the closest app that I can find to OneNote for the iPad.  There is a OneNote app for iPhone but it looks like crap on iPad so I won’t be using that.

I’m going to continue to utilize Evernote for work, especially because I can encrypt my notes if I need to.  There really isn’t a lot of stuff that would be sensitive that I’m writing in those note books since I’m in IT Consulting and note Management Consulting.  Now if I could only see my notes when I’m on the plane with a FREE account, that would be totally awesome.


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