WordPress for iPad is much improved

Tonight I upgraded my version of WordPress for iPad/iPhone and I have to say that thy have finally been able to fix some of the crashing problems that I’ve had in the past that have prevented me from blogging on my iDevices. I used to try and blog while on the road using the WordPress app before but the constant crashing was a hinderance which is probably why I haven’t hit my blogging goal of 100 posts a year in a while.

There is a new photo taking option which is pretty neat and I want to try it out. I have a free account so I probably won’t make heavy use of the feature since there is a cap on space for free accounts. There is also a new feature to see the stats of the blog which is nice. Not that many people read my blog so I’m not that interested in that feature. What I would like to see is some functionality similar to Pages where you can move around the pictures on the page so it wraps around the text no matter where you put the picture. I want to also be able to use links to pictures like I can for the regular WordPress site. That would make it awesome for free bloggers like me.

I’ll be waiting for the next iteration of the app and I hope they start adding more functionality so it mirrors the functions of the web version. Maybe now I’ll start blogging more now that there is increased stability. The only other factor that will affect me is inspiration. I’ve felt inspired for the past day or so but who knows how long this will last


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