Baby Room Almost Complete

The little munchkin is on her way!  I haven’t blogged about having my first child yet but I figure now is a good time to start.  My little one is due on July (just like me and Claire!) and that means there is a lot of things to get set up.  At present we have gone through the exercise of buying lots of stuff for the guest room that we have converted into the nursery.  Claire suggested that we get furniture from Pottery Barn Kids because she liked the style and everything and I agreed, I mean I might as well splurge a little on my first child and we made sure that we could convert the crib into a bed later on so we don’t have to buy a new set later on.  The only part I didn’t like about getting in new furniture is the fact that I had to assemble it all.  The furniture that needed assembly were the changing table (it needs some touch up paint though for the edges) and the crib.  Putting them together wasn’t that bad though, it wasn’t like trying to assemble the stuff we got from Ikea for the entertainment center.

The hardest part I think was putting up the shelves on the wall.  I have drywall and that stuff really sucks to hang stuff on, especially shelves of any kind.  The hardware that was included with the shelves didn’t work because my walls aren’t that thick and right behind it is concrete.  I was all ready to go to Pottery Barn Kids to return it when Claire suggested we just try different anchors.  So lo and behold, I bought new anchors for the shelving and they are now on the wall.  I don’t know how much load it can take, I put in three screws per shelf and each screw is rated for 50 pounds.  I guess we’ll see when we actually put something on it.

I’m still waiting for a few other pieces that are on back order but they should come in momentarily.  The really cool stuff is the wall decorations.  This was a great find by Claire.  Instead of having to paint the walls with a mural or something, we utilized stickers that we got from Pottery Barn Kids for it.  For a while it looked like they were no longer going to sell it since we saw the “Not Available” message on our registry.  However it magically re-appeared so we quickly bought them to be sure we’d get it.  I don’t think it was that big of a deal since Claire was able to find the manufacturer of the stickers on a site called Etsy.

I think I’m just waiting for the corner shelf and the mattress.  All the other things are already in the room including my very own rocking chair which will be moved to the office once the little one doesn’t need me to rock her to sleep anymore.


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