iPad 2 is coming

This past Wednesday the new iPad 2 was announced with a lot of fanfare on the internet.  I personally watched a live blog of the event to see what the new specs and stuff were.  I gotta say that there isn’t a lot that I’m really excited about however I probably will get one since there are enough new features to almost justify the purchase.  The big thing for me with this new iPad is FaceTime and the increased speed of the processor.  It’s not like I had any issues with the current iPad’s processor, but just the thought of having more speed is enough for me to want one.  The FaceTime aspect is something I really want so I can talk and see my family while I’m traveling on the road.  Granted I’ll probably have an iPhone 5 too but if I want to see my family on a bigger screen, I think that would be totally killer.

The thing that makes the iDevices so good is the software.  There is still plenty of software out there that I haven’t tried and the new apps like garage band and the iMovie app should be great for me to play around with.  I’m hoping that iOS 5 will bring some major improvements so I don’t need as many jailbreak tweaks on my iPhone.  That doesn’t mean I’m not going to jailbreak, it just means less apps from Cydia for me to install overall.  I don’t think they’re ever going to do something like SBSettings which I use quite extensively but it would be nice if I didn’t have to use LockInfo to make the lock screen useful.

The new smart covers look pretty cool, I put a picture of them with a white iPad on this post just for fun.  I think I’m going to get one of those like I got the case for my original iPad.  The only area of concern is that it won’t protect the back of the device but I guess that means I have to be more careful about not dropping it.  I think the real disappointment for me was that they didn’t increase the storage.  I currently have 64GB now, I was kind of hoping for 128GB to store even more movies and pictures that I have.  Other than that, the specs that have come out for the iPad 2 are just incrimental upgrades to the current iPad specs.  I think the Android tablets will give the iPad  a run for its money but they’re not yet up to par.  I have to wait until next Friday before I can even order the device.  I won’t be one of those suckers that stands outside and waits, I’m going to be smart and order it online and wait for my iPad 2 to come from China straight to my doorstep.  I’m not selling my original iPad either, I’ll leave it here for my wife or future child to play with 🙂


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