Jammin with my Jambox

Today I picked up a new toy for myself called the Jawbone Jambox.  What is this little device you say?  It’s a portable speaker that connects to any Bluetooth device to play music or, if you have it paired with your cell phone, to be used as a speakerphone.  The picture is about as big as it is in real life which is to say its pretty tiny.  The sound out of this device is pretty bad ass so far.  It’s definitely better than trying to use the built in speaker on my iPhone or my iPad.  I decided to give it a test today after charging it by sitting outside for about 2 hours with my work laptop to update a project file.  I used my iPhone for the music and it sounded pretty good in the courtyard at my townhouse.  Now I have something to use in my garage while I clean my car and stuff and it won’t be nearly that boring since I’ll have music now.  The unit is pretty pricey, but I think it was well worth the money.  I can take it to the beach, the pool, pretty much wherever I want since it runs off a rechargeable battery.  There are supposed to be configuration apps that I can download for it but I haven’t tried that out yet.  I’m still pondering if I should take this on the road with me.  It might be useful to have to pair with my iPad when I watch Netflix movies while at hotels.  I know the sound will at least be better or I can pair it with my work cell phone and use it as a speakerphone for my conference calls.

I don’t know what other tech gadgets I’ll be acquiring in the future, well besides the iPhone 5 for me and the Mrs., but this was definitely a good purchase and its coming with us during our next vacation for sure 🙂


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