Yahoo! is not what it used to be

Ahh how the mighty have fallen!  I remember the days when I used to be an avid user of Yahoo back in the infancy of the internet.  Back then Yahoo was just awesome because it provided everything you needed under one roof.  Of course this was back in the days when internet portals were popular to aggregate all your information (circa 1999).  Along the way Yahoo! was able to acquire some really good technology, especially in the Web 2.0 space.  The reason I’m writing this is because of the possible demise of delicious (I’d put in the proper periods but I don’t know where they go).  Like a lot of internet savvy people, I use delicious to bookmark things that are important to me and so that those bookmarks are always available online or on the computers that I use at work and at home.  I too saw all the web postings about the possible sunset of the service and yes I too also transferred my bookmarks to another service just in case.

I do think that the bad PR is hurting Yahoo!’s reputation in the market and it doesn’t help that they were doing lots of crazy things when they were talking to Microsoft a couple years ago.  I personally think that was a missed opportunity for Yahoo! to be part of MS.  While they would have been part of the evil MS Machine (which I don’t really care about), I think they could have used Microsofts drive to succeed on the internet as a way to not die slowly as so many before it have.  Things like, Excite, Infoseek, and Webcrawler come to mind.  Besides, its not like Yahoo! is running its own search engine anymore, they’re using Bing to power the thing.  I think Yahoo should have concentrated on search and tried to compete in advertising rather than acquiring services that they never integrated beyond single sign on and putting a badge that says it was a Yahoo! Company.  Don’t get me wrong, there is still a lot of great things at Yahoo! but they all just look like they are dated and haven’t had a feature or graphics update in the last 10 years.

I used to use their portal page exclusively but have since transitioned to Google for the most part.  My Yahoo! account is still active and I still sorta use Flickr but delicious is where I still had an interest.  Maybe the time is ripe to start picking Yahoo! apart and leaving the bones for someone to buy up.  Or maybe they should have hired some system integration consultants and melded it all together 😉  HA!

I guess I’ll still use Yahoo! here and there but since its only a shell of its former self and uses Bing for its search results,I might as well go directly to the source and use Bing all on its own.  Who knows, maybe a turn around will come soon… or not….


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