I want a dumb internet pipe

Ahh net neutrality.  The discussion is on and everyone is weighing into the discussion.  I guess I’ll put in my two cents as a person that is into technology.  For the most part, I want a dumb internet pipe.  I just need a way to feed off the internet to get the content that I’m asking for.  A lot of companies such as Comcast, Cox, and AT&T don’t want to be just simple internet traffic routers because there really isn’t that much money in it.  From what I understand, companies like Comcast want to start charging extra for “managed services”.  So what is managed services to the average joe?  Coming from my consulting background as well as IT, managed services is offering different services to people using the same infrastructure that has always existed but now I can charge you for using it in different ways.

One such example is video on demand services that seems to be popular.  Comcast and other cable providers want to be the people that sell this type of service but companies like Netflix upset this model because they can offer the same content at a cheaper price with the only limitation being the internet pipe it comes down on.  ISP’s want to start segmenting and putting in limits to the internet and making it more consumption based (kind of like an AT&T data plan).  Anyone with half a brain knows that video and audio streaming take tons of bandwidth and charging for how much you download/upload to me is just insane.  A lot of what companies are pushing is putting everything online like cloud computing or services that live online like Evernote or DropBox.  Companies like this will have issues with new pricing models coming from ISP’s because people will want to manage how much they are online.

In my opinion, the internet should be managed like a utility like the power or water companies.  The same thing happened with voice services a while back with the government imposing limits.  I am not a fan of big government but it does have its place and I want the FCC to give me my dump pipe so I can get the internet and its content on my terms and not from my cable/phone/isp company.  I don’t like the idea of getting my speed cut in half or having to watch what I use and then be selective on what I stream or not.  The answer is to update the infrastructure.  The more people you reach and the better the pipe, the more people will want to hook up.  If anything start doing things like AT&T which is offering free access to their wireless hotspots if you’re a customer, that should be incentive for people to sign up with one service or another to avoid paying for something they have access to at home.

Well that should do it for today’s rant.  So if you’re listening out there, give me my dumb internet pipe so I have the freedom to CHOOSE what I want to consume and not have to choose a provider based on the content they are willing to sell me.


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